Data Science Courses In Ahmedabad


Data Science Foundation Certification (DSF - DS1016)

Beginner level Certification

Entry-level Data Science Certification


The Data Science Foundation course provided by IABAC is globally recognised, and helps in creating an impression of value and excellence. The Data Science Foundation course is exclusively designed for those individuals who have a passion for data science and wish to make further explorations in the field. Concepts like Statistics, Machine learning, Introduction to Data Science, Roles in Data Science, Industry applications of data science are discussed at this level. The Data Science Foundation certification helps to provide a base for understanding the data science discipline. This course serves as a requirement to pursue other higher data science certifications.

  • Data Science Introduction
  • Evolution of Data Science
  • Organization Data Science Stack
  • Roles in Data Science
  • Business Analytics vs Data Science
  • Machine Learning in Data Science
  • Business Analytics Classification
  • Statistics – Exploratory Analysis
  • Statistics – Hypothesis Testing
  • Data Science Industry Use cases

Prerequisite Certification

No mandatory prerequisites

Basic understanding of Data analysis.

Recommended essential mathematics knowledge

Who can pursue this certification?

The professionals working in technology-enabled domains.

The beginners and students, who aspire a career in data science

The enthusiast, who wanted to acquire high-level knowledge in Data Science

The Benefits